Athletic Mouthguards

Patients who participate in contact sports run the risk of traumatizing their teeth during competition. Teeth can be chipped, fractured, knocked loose, or out completely. The level of contact varies from sport to sport, with some sports being fairly safe for teeth, while others are extremely dangerous. It is important for everyone to protect their teeth while participating in football, basketball, wrestling, baseball and softball, soccer, boxing, volleyball, racket ball, squash, rugby lacrosse, hockey and other contact sports.

There are basically 3 types of mouthguards.

1. Boil and Bite

These are made by heating a thermoplastic material and moulding this over the teeth where it hardens as it cools down. Coaches and trainers often make this type.

Advantages: > Low cost

> Can be made quickly at one location for all team members

Disadvantages: > Poor fit with instability

> Limited protection

>No ability to customize for different sports

2. Custom made by a dentist

Advantages: >Made from models, which provide a very accurate fit and better retention

during competition.

>Close adaptation to teeth provides extra protection.

Disadvantages: > More expensive due to fabrication costs.

> Does not offer different design to adapt for different sports.

3. Custom made by dentist using a professional laboratory

Advantages: > These are made with layered materials, which are soft where the mouthguard contacts the teeth, yet hard on the outer surface to better deflect traumatic forces.

>Can be customized for individual sports to offer the correct amount of

protection, fit the best and stay in place during competition better than any

other type of mouthguard.

>Available in a variety of custom colors and designs.

Disadvantages: > Most expensive because of laboratory costs.

> Takes longer to fabricate.

Traumatic injuries to teeth can be devastating, life altering events. It is extremely important to wear mouthguards during athletic participation to help prevent this trauma and accompanying lifetime expenses necessary to repair and maintain restorations needed to restore the damaged teeth.

Let us know if we can help make you or your children a custom mouthguard. Our current fees are (a) custom mouthguard made in-office $195.00

(b) custom mouthguard (sport specific) made with laboratory $285.00