Are you tired of the joys of Corporate Dentistry?

When employers sign up for dental benefit plans for their employees, they often choose insurance companies who work closely with these corporate dental practices, which promise to provide services at reduced fees through PPO’s (preferred provider organizations).  This works well for everyone but the patients, who lose their ability to select their dental care providers. The patient is then possibly over treated by inexperienced dentists and may only be treated by the same dentist a few times, due to high turnover rates for dentists and staff employed by these corporations.

Maybe the time has come to switch your dental care to Wyman B. Martin, D.D.S., in Roswell, GA.  In his practice you will be treated as an individual and Dr. Martin will not only become your dentist, he will become your friend. He has excellent training from Emory University School of Dentistry, years of experience, and is a perfectionist and artist. Your Roswell dentist Dr. Wyman Martin never over treats, but provides only services that he and the patient agree upon.  Instead of having a crown made by a machine, would it not be better to have one made by an artist, using only the best materials, and working with the best dental labs. 

The staff is wonderful, fees are reasonable and his insurance coordinator helps patients maximize their benefits. If you would like to experience a better kind of dental care, contact The Martin Dental Center for Oral Health & Aesthetics at 770-766-1293, where you will be welcomed as a new patient and part of our dental family!

Wyman B. Martin, DDS Dr. Wyman B. Martin - The Martin Dental Center

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