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By The Martin Center For Oral Health and Aesthetics
April 09, 2015
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MI PasteDiscover how using this daily tooth crème could boost your overall dental health.

Just as our body needs important nutrients to remain healthy, so does our smile. Our teeth need nutrients like fluoride, calcium and phosphate to keep enamel strong and to ward off common dental issues like decay and infection. This is especially important in growing children; however, anyone can benefit from adding these nutrients into your oral health regimen each day. That’s why your Roswell dentist recommends using MI Paste to help improve your smile health.

What is MI Paste?

This tooth crème contains the ingredient RECALDENT™ a unique milk-derived protein that also contains calcium and phosphate to strengthen and protect tooth enamel and to keep smiles healthy.

What are the benefits of using MI Paste?

MI Paste offers a variety of advantages for your smile including protecting your enamel from cavities and decay. However, MI Paste is also a great option for someone suffering from tooth sensitivity. Whether professional tooth whitening or a regular dental cleaning has left your teeth sensitive, MI Paste is able to control and desensitize your teeth.

How often should I use MI paste?

This topical crème can be applied to your teeth several times a day.

Does MI Paste come in different flavors?

These water-based dental crèmes come in five different flavors to fit your mood. Choose from a classic mint, or opt for vanilla, strawberry, melon or even tutti-frutti if you’re feeling a little adventurous. Plus, all of these pastes are also sugar-free.

Who shouldn’t use MI Paste?

If you have a milk allergy or if you have an allergy to benzoate preservatives, then MI paste will not be right for you.

Is MI Paste safe for children?

MI Paste is extremely safe and a great way to give your smile the healthy nutrients it needs. Therefore, MI Paste can even be used on children under six years of age, as well as pregnant women.

If you are interested in finding out more about MI Paste or if you need to schedule a six-month dental checkup, then call your Roswell dentist, Dr. Wyman Martin at The Martin Center For Oral Health and Aesthetics.