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By The Martin Center For Oral Health and Aesthetics
December 23, 2015
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The Truth about Root Canal Therapy. Can A Root Canal Save My Tooth?

At the Martin Dental Center for Oral Health and Aesthetics in Roswell, Georgia, the answer is YES! Root canal therapy (Endodontics) can be the answer to keeping a tooth. Dr. Wyman Martin performs root canal therapy regularly, providing patients with the opportunity toRoot Canal keep their natural teeth. Not too many years ago, the answer to dental pain was removing the tooth. Now, thanks to modern techniques and the skill of Dr. Martin, patients of Roswell, Georgia usually don’t have to face the unpleasant prospect of tooth removal.

Root canals are typically performed when there has been some injury to the inside (the pulp) of the tooth, resulting in pain. Pulpal injury can be caused from dental decay, trauma, or a dental abscess. Occasionally, a tooth can just die for an unknown reason and the tooth will become discolored, but there is no pain. This means there is no inflammation of the pulp. In these cases, root canal therapy may be completed in one appointment.

However, for more painful or inflamed teeth, two or more appointments may be required to complete a root canal. At the initial appointment, the involved tooth is opened and the pulp containing the blood and nerve supply is removed. The tooth is then covered with a temporary filling. This appointment is known as a first-step, or endodontic start appointment.

At the second appointment, called an endodontic complete appointment, the canals which formerly housed the roots of the tooth are further hollowed out and shaped. These canals are then filled with a gummy, rubber substance called gutta percha. The tooth opening is then covered with a permanent filling. After root canal therapy, a porcelain or gold crown is often placed on the tooth to ensure stability and strength.

Root canals are completed with minimum discomfort, so if you experience any lasting dental pain, don’t hesitate. Stop in for a consultation with Dr. Wyman Martin of Roswell, Georgia, and see what he can do for you.

Dr. Wyman Martin at The Martin Dental Center for Oral Health and Aesthetics in Roswell, GA. has added a new diagnostic tool to his inventory.  It is the Dexis CariVu, and we are excited to be one of the earliest dental offices in metropolitan Atlanta to have one of these revolutionary instruments.  As a diagnostic aid, we are able to detect cavities and cracks in the teeth with a high degree of accuracy.

Eight years ago, we went to digital x-rays and moved away from film x-rays. By doing so, we have  been able to store x-rays on digital computer patient charts, reduce developing time from 6 minutes to 2 seconds, reduce x-ray exposure time by two thirds, and have the ability to transport x-rays electronically to your Oral Surgeon, Endodontist & Periodontist.  Dental x-rays are two dimensional in the horizontal plane.  This allows for detection of cavities in areas of the tooth not blocked by restorations, such as fillings.  X-rays are good for detecting cavities between teeth, around restorations, on the roots of teeth, and just below the biting surfaces of teeth. CariVu uses laser fluorescence to illuminate a tooth from both sides, while taking a digital image from the biting surface.  This image is stored in the patient’s computer chart, and can be viewed side by side with a previously stored x-ray of the same tooth.  CariVu operates in the vertical plane, and is excellent at detecting cavities and cracks that may not be seen on x-rays.  Cavities that are seen on both x-rays and CariVu can be better evaluated as to size and depth. With CariVu, incipient decay can be seen more clearly, so that decisions can be made more accurately whether to restore or monitor.

Since the CariVu uses only laser light, there is zero exposure to ionizing radiation, which is always a plus.  The addition of this technology, to The Martin Dental Center, is exciting and will be very beneficial to the dental health of our patients.