Diamonds are Forever? Tips for choosing a power toothbrush

While we do not normally endorse or advertise certain products, we have had many patients inquire on powered toothbrushes for a gift for someone or themselves. Here is some information from Philips Sonicare about their powered toothbrushes and AirFloss. Whether you choose to opt for a Sonicare or another brand, ditch the manual brush. A powered brush reduces up to four times more plaque than a standard manual toothbrush. Make your time count, effectively care for the teeth that you want to last forever.

For one reason or another, we simply don't take the time to brush long enough. One good feature on the Philips Sonicare is the built in timer for either two or three minutes.

In only one week or use plaque reduction is 31% compared to a manual brush, and increases to 35% in 4 weeks. That is better return on most investments lately.

DiamondClean, one of their latest models, reduces stain 20% in the first week, and 33% by week 4. White smiles are always good to give.

In two weeks use of the DiamondClean, patients saw a 54% reduction in gingivitis, and 61% by week 4.

The DiamondClean brushes remove 45% more plaque than the FlexCare brushes, with 44% more bristles that are angled, and diamond shaped to sweep away the plaque.

The DiamondClean includes two charging options and a USB charger for travel.

As the seasons change, it is a good reminder to change your brush head. Although, they also have brush replacement indicators. The Sensitive brush head removes 54% more plaque than a manual brush, and 25% more than Philips ProResults head. These bristles are dome shapes and apply less pressure for sensitive teeth and gums.

The FlexCare+ has the 3 minute gum care mode, and includes the UV sanitizer to kill up to 99% of select microorganisms on the brush head. It also has the Quadpacer to encourage thorough brushing of each quadrant of your mouth.

The EasyClean still has great plaque removal, but includes the ProResults brush heads and a two minute timer.

Sonicare for Kids has two brush head sizes one for kids 4+ and one for kids 7+, so it can grow with your child or the unit could be shared with the different brushes. It also is musical to be more fun for the timing. It encourages healthy brushing with two kid- friendly power modes. When it is fun to brush, kids tend to brush longer and make oral hygiene a part of their routine to form life long habits.

The Xtreme is battery operated with a two minute timer, and is certainly a step up from a manual brush.

AirFloss has a water reservoir to hold mouthrinse or water. It has a slim, angled nozzle that makes reaching difficult areas to floss accessible. After one month of use, 96% of patients who didn't floss regularly continued the AirFloss at least four times per week. 86% of patients reported AirFloss was easier to use than floss. Floss is simple to use, and the over the counter floss is inexpensive ;however, the key is floss with whatever you will use to get those places not reached by brushing. The AirFloss has also reported reducing 86% of bleeding sites than with brushing with a manual brush alone. IF you have questions on your flossing technique, ask at your next appointment for a demonstration. You might be surprised that you have had your fingers all tied up, rather than using them to work the floss effectively around the tooth.

So, Diamonds are not forever. Brush heads must be changed. Sonicare is not the only brand of powered toothbrushes, but is one of our favorites. Many of our staff use one personally. What would make us smile is that you simply find a replacement for your manual brush, and start the floss habit. It is our hope that some of this information will help you in choosing your model.

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