Digital X-rays

Well, we have been absolutely amazed the past couple of weeks at our new digital x-ray technology. There are several benefits to the patient. The images as so very clear, allowing very accurate diagnosis. In addition, the image is immediately available and appears on the screen for the findings and treatment to be discussed. Dr. Martin has always enjoyed helping his patients understand what is going on in their mouths, and having the image on a monitor so patients can see what he is referring to not only gives patients a sense of knowing, but also allows them to see exactly what he is talking about. Often during the exam, he may want to get a closer look. An x-ray can be quickly taken to provide more information for him. For many of you who have digital cameras, the tools are similar that allow Dr. Martin to zoom in to a area of concern. The images for that particular tooth can be compared with previous images to monitor changes in the tooth. As you know, with Dr. Martin's dedication to provide the most conservative restorations, this is very helpful in detecting and diagnosing problems earlier. Finding areas that need to be addressed sooner allows for a less invasive, less expensive restoration in most cases. Another benefit is less radiation exposure. While it was minimal before with traditional film, the radiation now is even less. For some of our patients who see specialists, such as periodontists or oral surgeons, this technology also helps with consults. We can share the images between offices to better provide for patient care. Patients have also commented that the sensor that is used for the digital x-rays is more comfortable than the sharp edge of traditional film. We are clearly looking forward to seeing you and your smile soon.

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