Don't Forget to Brush & Floss

For years, Dr. Wyman Martin and your Hygienists at The Martin Dental Center have been reminding you to brush your teeth along with flossing for overall health benefits, they are right!

Your teeth should be brushed at least two time per day & flossed at least once for your overall health. If you are having issues brushing or flossing, look for tools to help (floss picks, etc.) or talk to us about how to make it easier for you!

Getting children of all ages to brush and floss is challenging to say the least.  Smaller children like to mimic their parents, so if you all get in front of the mirror together after dinner, it will become a family fun bonding time.  Your older teens & up, you may have to play detective.   Remind them and before bed, check their toothbrush to see if it's wet or give hugs to see if you smell toothpaste, they'll appreciate it in the long run.

Always know, The Staff at The Martin Dental Center is here for you.. 


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