Dr. Martin Speaking at Conference

Continuing education is of great importance to Dr. Martin. Growing up in the home of educators, he values the learning process. He feels that the title of "Doctor" always carries the responsibility of being a student. Dr. Martin is a member of the Spear Study Group that focuses on comprehensive restorative dentistry. In this study group, some of the greatest minds in dentistry collaborate to provide innovative treatment of restorative and cosmetic dentistry.

In addition to the Spear Study Club, Dr. Martin also takes ongoing continuing learning with Dr. Peter Dawson. Dr. Dawson leads the Dawson Dental Academy and is considered one of the most influential clinicians and teachers in the filed. Dawson focuses on problems with a patient's bite, or occlusion; temporal mandibular disorders and esthetic dentistry. Dr. Martin will be taking additional classes in March with Dr. Dawson at the Hinman meeting in Atlanta.

Dr. Martin is speaking this week at the New Mexico Medical Study Group. Physicians meet to discuss the latest in medical procedures and treatments. He will join neurologists, endocrinologists, and orthopedic specialists that will present the latest findings in their field. How does this relate to dentistry? Dr. Martin finds that a patient's medical history is the groundwork for treatment planning. A patient's oral health is directly influenced by other medical diagnoses. Many patients for instance, are prescribed antibiotics from their orthopedist or cardiologist. While antibiotics are given to some patients for specific medical issues prior to dental procedure, the guidelines from the American Heart Association have been modified. Other medical conditions or treatments also affect your oral health, including diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, chemotherapy, or even medications.

Dr. Martin has well over the required 40 hours every two years for Continuing Education. He has started off the quarter with 15-18 hours. He challenges himself as well as his staff to be in pursuit of the highest level of care. The highest level of care can only be achieved with the pursuit of knowledge. He and his staff have a weekend coming in March of diversified study to better serve the patients. 

"Every calling is great, when greatly pursued." Oliver Wendell Holmes

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