One of the joys of practicing dentistry is to be given the opportunity to treat the children of our patients at The Martin Dental Center.  There are so many of our current patients who have been in our practice since their parents brought them in as little children, who are now bringing their children.  Many of these lifelong patients have achieved adulthood without a single cavity, or filling.  This is Dr. Martin’s goal, and with the vigilance of parents, and the preventive measures that we routinely perform during your child’s visits, it is a goal that can be achieved.  Our preventative measures include regular cleanings, x-rays, fluoride treatments, and placement of sealants where needed.


It is important that our children grow up without fears of visiting the dentist.  We make every effort to make your child’s visit fun and happy.  Some of our best patients are children, and working together with parents, we strive to make children’s appointments “happy times”.


Raising children is expensive as we all know.  At The Martin Dental Center, we try to keep our fees as low as possible.  For our zip code, our average fee is in the 40th percentile range, which means 60% of other dentists have higher fees than ours.  Practice overhead is always increasing, with ever rising costs of rent, supplies, lab bills, salaries and benefits, utilities, etc.  Accordingly, we have to have a periodic fees increase to run the practice.  Dr. Martin has decided to freeze fees for children’s services indefinitely.  This means NO fee increases for parents who are taking proper care of their children’s dental needs.  We hope that this will ease the financial pressure of regular dental care.


If you have children who have been seeing pediatric dentists, but you feel that their care has been “factory like”, we promise that they will receive individual, caring treatment in our office. It’s about quality, not quantity here at The Martin Dental Center.


Thank you to all of our parents for trusting us to care for your children.

Wyman B. Martin, DDS Dr. Wyman B. Martin - The Martin Dental Center

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