How Can MI Paste, Fluoridex, and Enamelon Help My Teeth?

When brushing alone isn't enough, there are products that Dr. Wyman Martin, dentist at The Martin Dental Center for Oral Health and Aesthetics in Roswell, Georgia, often prescribes for his patients to improve their dental health at home. MI Paste, Fluoridex and Enamelon are three of the most popular treatments. Learn about them here:

MI Paste

While MI Paste is applied like regular toothpaste, its chemical makeup makes it a very different product. It has two purposes: first, to enhance the saliva's natural function of reducing acid in the mouth, and also to help remineralize the enamel on your teeth, making it stronger and less mottled. MI Paste contains a special ingredient called ReCalDent, which is derived from dairy proteins and encourages calcium and phosphate to bond to the enamel. Your Roswell dentist often recommends MI Paste to patients who are experiencing dry mouth, tooth sensitivity, or white spots on their teeth from acid erosion.


When his patients live in areas where their drinking water is not treated with fluoride, Dr. Wyman Martin often prescribes Fluoridex. This product helps prevent tooth decay that can come from irregular exposure to fluoride, a naturally-occurring element. Your Roswell dentist may also prescribe it to patients who are going through chemotherapy; one of the side effects of this cancer treatment is dryness of the mouth. Fluoridex can come in the form of mouthwash or topical paste and should be used daily.


This tooth gel combines the remineralizing aspects of MI Paste with the fluoridated benefit of Fluoridex. It helps to prevent cavities and gum disease, as well as lessen sensitivity caused by weakened enamel. It's also free of abrasives, gluten, and dyes, making it a comfortable choice for everyone.

If you think your dental health could improve from the use of these products, mention them to Dr. Wyman Martin, your Roswell dentist, at your next appointment!

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