MI Paste? What's That?

Dr. Martin is always looking for ways to help his patients have minimally invasive restorations, or best yet, not at all. Our teeth are continuously losing minerals from their enamel by our habits. Some of this mineral erosion is caused from those favorite warm cups of coffee, sports drinks, acid reflux and some by the combination of cavity causing bacterias paired with sugar in our diet. MI Paste has been proven to remineralize teeth with calcium, phosphate and flouride. These nutrients help restore the balance and repair the demineralization that occurs constantly. This is actually a time to "get off balance". By using the MI Paste, one can offset the erosion and protect their teeth in many ways.

MI Paste is beneficial for those areas between the teeth that are incipient lesions. Incipient lesions are those areas that are beginning to appear to break down the enamel. Orthodontic patients would benefit greatly with the "obstacles" of maintaining good hygiene while receiving treatment. Many orthodontic patients have white spots on their teeth from decalcification, with proper and consistent usage these spots can actually be reversed. Since MI Paste helps to neutralize pH and restores balance, it has been proven to reduce the acid damage from those patients who experience acid reflux are those who are experiencing nausea during pregnancy. It also enhances tooth whitening effectiveness by increasing the mineral content of the tooth, as well as reducing sensitivity. The reduction of mineral content results in a yellow appearance of teeth, resulting from less light scatter with less dense enamel.  

A recent study showed that topical application of MI Paste increased the remineralization effect by 87% when compared to the use of flouride alone. When you are in for your next visit, ask one of us if it would be a good investment for your dental health. We can also instruct you on the best way to apply. Fewer cavities, whiter, stronger teeth...that is a good thing.

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