Missing Teeth? Visit Our Implant Dentist in Roswell

Missing teeth have been replaced conventionally with dentures, but more recently missing teeth are being replaced with dental implants, which are more comfortable and permanent.  When placed and restored by our implant dentist in Roswell, dental implants will look and feel like your own natural teeth.  With dental implants you can replace your missing teeth, regaining function and strength to your mouth.  As artificial replacements for your natural teeth and roots, dental implants help in creating an effective alternative to partial and full dentures or bridges. 


What Causes Tooth Loss?

Approximately 20 million teeth are extracted every year in the United States, which can have devastating effects on overall health, and self-esteem, as well as your oral health.  With this statistic, only 10 percent of patients with missing teeth seek information from their dentist prior to the loss of their tooth or multiple teeth.  Many people assume that tooth loss is an inevitable result of aging, but many factors that result in tooth loss can be controlled early on in life.  The following can cause tooth loss:

With proper education about the causes and consequences of tooth loss, you can prevent it from happening to you.  In addition, visiting our Roswell implant dentist for cleanings twice a year is also beneficial to preventing tooth loss. 


The Implant Procedure

Bone density needs to be assessed before your implants are placed in order to ensure that you have sufficient quality and quantity of bone tissue available.  If there is insufficient bone or significant bone loss has occurred due to periodontal disease, then you may need bone grafting before the implant can be placed.  In some cases, mini implants can be used if the bone density is too low for larger implants.


The implants function as the root of your tooth, requiring a hole to be drilled into your jaw bone to accommodate it.  Local anesthesia is often used when placing an implant, but if you are anxious, you may choose to be sedated during your treatment instead.  It is up to our dentist in Roswell to decide what the best solution is.


Recovery and Aftercare

Recovery after your dental implant procedure depends on a number of factors, including the various procedures required to complete your treatment.  It is generally recognized that once an implant has been placed, maintaining diligent oral hygiene habits is necessary to ensure the proper fusing of the implant and bone structure. 


Failure to brush and floss is the leading cause of implant failure.  Additionally, infection can occur if the implant and surrounding areas are not properly cleaned.  Smoking highly contributes to failure rates with dental implants and should be avoided at all costs after your implant procedures. 


Implants are not for everyone, but with proper consultation with our implant dentist in Roswell, you can be assessed for the best solution to restoring your smile.  Rest assured that tooth loss doesn’t have to be permanent and your smile can be restored with the help of our dentist in Roswell.

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