2014 Five Star Dentist Awarded to Dr. Martin

ATLANTA magazine featured Dr. Wyman Martin as 2014 Atlanta Five Star Dentist. "Dentists hold a special position in society. They help us, heal us and comfort us. And the good ones are in demand." As an effort to help readers find a dentist they will love, " one who is skilled and who offers convenience. Someone who meets the needs of you and your family."                                                                                                                

ATLANTA magazine partnered with Five Star Professional to find outstanding dentists in the area. Five Star Professional sought evaluations and nominations from qualified peers (1600 dentists) and patients (15,000 subscribers/ patients) to identify highly regarded dentists in the Atlanta area. Dr. Martin was compared against 780 nominees, where the top 100 were selected and recognized in the February issue. After their research, the team stated that Dr. Martin received "very high marks" from both peers and patients.

Five Star's Research Criteria 

All winners must be:

  • Nominated by a qualifying peer or patient
  • Licensed with the applicable regulatory authority
  • Practicing as a dentist for a minimum of five year
  • In good standing upon regulatory and disciplinary history review
  • Accepting new patients
  • Each candidate is evaluated based on his or her:
  1. Number of active patients over a 12-month period
  2. One-year patient retention rate
  3. Three-year retention rate
  4. Education and professional achievements

Sofia Vergara when asked about her career stated, "I didnt' want to be an actress. I wanted to be a dentist, but you never know what life will bring you." Dr. Martin is no Sofia Vergara, but as far as knowing what life will bring you-- he consistently brings skill, compassion, and precision in providing the highest level of cosmetic, preventive and restorative treatments. He also challenges his staff to raise the bar in patient education and comfort, and to " treat patients like they are family."




good job
By Francisco
March 18, 2014
Congratulations on this award is certainly deserved recognition of the good work done. Regards from Tot Dental