PRE MED, higher education for orthopedic patients

PRE MED, higher education for orthopedic patients

We have many patients with joint replacements who ask us, “Do I need to take an antibiotic prior to my cleaning?”

Pre Med in this case is not the course work, but the course of action advised or assumed by patients who have had orthopedic implants. Dr. Martin promotes a collaborative decision between the patient, the physician and the dentist. Patients should engage in the decision making process as they gain information from the orthopedic physician regarding the risks and benefits to taking preventive antibiotics prior to dental treatment.

Patients who have a joint replacement, metal plates or rods from orthopedic surgery ask, “Should I take antibiotics before my dental procedure? “






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Dr. Wyman Martin at The Martin Dental Center recommends the following: Use ice for chilling, not chewing. Prevent breaking a tooth and needing a crown.