Shades of yellow, gray and WHITE. TOOTH WHITENING 101

Everyone seems to want to brighten their smiles. We often get asked how effective is teeth whitening? Well, the answer is more how consistent are you with achieving and maintaining your whiter smile.

Whitening is a process that actually changes the tooth color. The extrinsic (surface) stains are removed to make your teeth lighter and give you a brighter smile. OPALESCENCE tooth whitening system is used in our office. It is a carbamide peroxide product that is very effective for our patients. 

During the whitening process, impressions are made of your upper and lower teeth so custom trays can be fabricated in our lab. Your specific tooth shade will be recorded so your actual results can be accurately measured. Next, your gum tissue is then isolated with a product that is light cured to create a hard coating to form a barrier for the professional strength BOOST. You can turn off the outside world and relax while our staff works to make your whitening session bring you great results.

After the first application in office, the product is removed and a second application applied. Most patients notice quite a difference just after the BOOST session. Patients continue their whitening process at home with the product chosen for them based on their habits, needs and sensitivity. It is best to remember, that teeth didn't become yellow, gray or stained overnight and maintaining your brighter smile is also a process. With consistent use of home product, your smile will continue to achieve a confident white smile.

How often should I bleach? How much do I use?, Will it make my teeth sensitive?......these are all questions that can be discussed at your appointment. Quite often, the frequency of bleaching at home depends on your habits. We tend to cause more stains on our teeth in the cooler months as some enjoy coffee and red wine. This may require that you step up your frequency of home maintenance. As far as how much to use, we will demonstrate at your appointment, but remember not to overfill trays. Not only does it irritate your gum tissue, but it wastes your product. Fill less than a BB sized amount at the teeth that show for your smile. A small percentage of patients do experience sensitivity from bleaching. It is recommended to use a sensitive paste like ProNamel or Sensodyne a few days before and after bleaching to help with this. 

As always, we are here to answer any questions you may have specific to your needs. Go ahead, share your smile....and brighten someone's day. 

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