The Benefits of Teeth Whitening

The Martin Dental Center for Oral health and Aesthetics in Roswell, GA, Dr. Wyman Martin understands how important it is to have a 

beautiful, confident smile that is not only healthy, but aesthetically pleasing. To give our patients what they want, we offer Zoom Whitening in-office treatment with custom trays, completed in two visits. The in-office treatment is a boost under the Philips LED light system which brightens your smile up to 4-6 shades. Philips Zoom is the only whitening system that uses ACP (amorphous calcium phosphate) to deliver the gentle experience and whiter results you expect.

Dr. Wyman Martin will examine your teeth and design a custom plan to meet your needs. Please keep in mind, if you have older visible crowns or veneers, they will not bleach whiter. Dr. Wyman Martin is available for cosmetic dentistry if new ones are desired to match your brighter smile.

If you are interested in getting that beautiful confident smile, give Dr. Wyman Martin at The Martin Dental Center for Oral Health and Aesthetics in Roswell, GA a call. To begin your whitening, you will need to schedule 40 minutes to get impressions for your custom trays, which will be used for your whitening gel. Your in-office treatment will take place one week later. To make your appointment and get a boost on your confidence, call 770-993-7424. We look forward to meeting you.


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