The Dangers of E-Cigarettes and Vaping

The use of E-cigarettes is at epidemic levels for teens, young adults and a few adults that are beginning to vape with the legalization of medicinal marijuana.  According to research from 2017 – 2018 use has increased 78% among high school students and 48% among middle school students.

Ingredients in E-cigarettes have had a notable deterioration of oral health.   Explosions while vaping have led to burn injuries and disfigurement of oral soft tissue.  When compared to traditional tobacco use, at times it can be more dangerous to your oral health and here at The Martin Dental Center for Oral Health & Aesthetics, Dr. Wyman Martin of Roswell is concerned.

One of the main carrier ingredients is Propylene Glycol which gives E-cigarettes a sweet taste, but also causes dry mouth which can increase cavities, gum disease and other oral health issues.  What most people trying to quit smoking and turning to E-cigarettes don’t realize is one electric cartridge, approximately 200-400 puffs can equal smoking two – three packs of regular cigarettes. We all know the dangers of nicotine on gum tissue as well.

Your Roswell dentist Dr. Wyman Martin wants you to be well aware of all the dangers of E-cigarettes and vaping. The injuries are serious with over 2,035 e-cigarette explosions and burn injuries in the US between 2015 and 2017.  This is 40 times more than the initial US government estimate.

The photos display evidence of decay and gum disease as well as the result of the lithium batteries exploding in an E-cigarette/vaping pen.

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Dr. Wyman Martin at The Martin Dental Center recommends the following: Use ice for chilling, not chewing. Prevent breaking a tooth and needing a crown.