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Since you are browsing this website, there is a strong possibility that you may be looking for a new dentist. This is not unusual. Statistics show that only 50% of the general population have their own dentist. Many people who do have a dentist may be looking to change for a variety of reasons. Hopefully, you will decide to give Dr. Martin a call. It may have been years since your last visit to a dentist. You may be embarrassed and fear that you will be ridiculed, criticized or reprimanded. We understand your situation and would love to work with you to restore good oral health!

On our website, you will find valuable information about our Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments including, Veneers, Implant Restorations, Root Canal Therapy, Zoom Whitening and more. If you decide to schedule an appointment with us, you can be assured that you will be treated in a friendly, kind, and gentle manner at our Roswell, GA office location. We will strive to turn one of life's unpleasant necessities into a rewarding, pleasant experience.

Dr. Wyman B. Martin has been featured in ATLANTA Magazine "Top Dentists"

2014, 2015, 2018, & the upcoming March 2019 issue.

Dr. Martin Roswell, GA Dentist

Dr. Wyman Martin’s practice is located in the heart of Roswell. He is committed to dental excellence, and his patients quickly find that his whole heart is dedicated to their highest level of care, through integrity, skill, and perfectionism. He attends to his patient’s care with genuine enthusiasm.

Many patients choose their dentist based on location and convenience, friendliness of staff, insurance and office hours. Dr. Martin’s observation is that, “While these are obvious considerations in selecting a dentist, the intangible factors are more important and quite difficult to assess.” Many of Dr. Martin’s patients have carefully selected him based on his educational background. As an Emory graduate, he had a rigorous challenge, yet ranked high in his class standing. He feels that the title of doctor” carries a responsibility to always be a student. He has completed many postgraduate studies and training in areas of specific interest. These include cosmetic dentistry, TMJ disorders, crown, bridge and implant restorations

Dr. Martin’s patients have developed relationships with him and his staff over the years and trust him to explain and answer questions about their treatment options. Patients drive from Florida, South Carolina, Texas, Alabama, North Georgia and beyond because of his commitment to excellence, fairness, integrity and perfectionism. He utilizes high-quality dental laboratories when fabricating dental crowns, veneers, bridges and oral appliances to ensure the highest standards of materials and workmanship in their fabrication.

Treating children is a large component of Dr. Martin’s practice. Children are great patients and his objective is, through preventive dentistry to have them reach adulthood with no cavities and no bad dental experiences. The Martin Dental Center is a true family practice...read about your esteemed dentist here.